Fried Mantou with Sweetened Condensed Milk

9 months ago

I believe this type of mantou must be a hit amongst the younger generations. This is just plain steamed mantou that had a extra step added to the cooking process to produce this final product. The extra step as hinted in the title of this post is frying.
And after frying the mantou, the most popular way of eating it is dipping or drenching this if you prefer in sweetened condensed milk.
Alone this fried mantou taste like Chinese fried cruellers. Along with the sweetened condensed milk, it brings on a sweet and creamy flavor and texture in your mouth.
This was the very first time I tried this and I wish I had tried this earlier. I love the fried mantou by itself and with the condensed milk. My mom used to let me lick condensed milk by the spoonfuls when she`s using it to make goodies so I already knew it was gonna be good but I didn`t know it was great paired up with fried mantou. Well now I do. And since I already have a mantou recipe I love, I think in the future I will definitely make some.

Have you tried any and which kind of mantou do you prefer?

fried mantou
condensed milk

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