Fried Dough

4 years ago

This is a treat my boyfriend and I had twice this past week. I prefer the fried dough down at a different beach, but the beach we stayed at has one spot which is specific to the area we stayed in, so we got fried dough from there. Personally, I have always found it to be rather small for the price (almost $4 with food tax) but what are you gonna do when it`s really the only fried dough available?

This particular shop is actually quite unique. They offer over 20 flavors (toppings) for your dough. What`s pictured is a plain dough topped with powder sugar. But they offer classics such as sugar and cinnamon, powder sugar and cinnamon, and butter and sugar. They then have fruit toppings such as apples and cinnamon, blueberry, raspberry jam, and jelly. It goes even further with peanut butter and jelly, chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate (think a Reese Cup...), chocolate and whipped cream. They have one that just makes me raise a brow and I have seen people eating this one on the boardwalk -- sauce and cheese. I just cannot fathom. Fried dough is supposed to be a dessert to me, not a meal -- I can`t do the savory fried dough -- but the woman at the stand told me a lot of people like it because it`s like a fried pizza.

Do you like fried dough? If so, how do you take yours?

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