Fried Chicken

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers i will now talk about one of my KFC food called Fried Chicken.
When i go to the shoping i always go to the KFC and buy Fried Chicken for me with some potatoes and a white salad.
I dont abuse on these because it is unhealthy when we eat alot of them.

I go to the KFC whit my familly and they have fried chicken too, my little kid eats a happy meal because he is still little but my biggest kid eats fried chicken with us.
The Fried Chicken is really delicious and crispy, i dont know who invented them but thanks lord for who invented the delicious fried chicken haha.
Here the Fried chicken is cheap and we can buy alot of them for about 10 euros with potatoes and a coca-cola 1litro.


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Did you ever tried Fried Chicken?
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