Friday`s Breakfast + bonus

So this morning, I went to Mickey D`s. I had two coupons, <em>Buy one breakfast sandwich, get one free</em> & <em>free small cherry berry chiller with a purchase</em>. Both coupons were going to expire on Sunday. & Since I don`t really eat breakfast on weekends, I decided to use it up.

I got myself a <em>Biscuit Sausage & Egg</EM> sandwich with no cheese. My favorite.

I love the sandwich, I gave the free one to my dad.

I ate while studying for the final that I had this afternoon. I loved the sandwich. But I didn`t finish it because I kept drowsing off and I didn`t want crumbs on my bed so I covered it up and put it to the side.
The cherry berry chiller, let me tell you, that I am glad that I didn`t pay for it because I didn`t like it one bit. It tasted like a cherry ice pop that has melted with a hint of medicine. I don`t like my drinks to have a hint of medicine. So I`ll avoid the drink & I`ll stick to the mango pineapple.

I saw Avengers tonight. Amazing & Funny. Hulk stole the scenes.
Afterwards, we went to Burger King. I had 2 coupons, one for a <em>free small frappe</em> & one for a <em>free small smoothie</em>. The drive thru was horrible, they take so long for no reason at all. & they didn`t even ask what flavor smoothie we wanted or what flavor frappe. They guessed at it. Since they took long enough for the drive thru, me & my best friend didn`t feel like arguing so we let it go. They guessed right on my frappe flavor but they guessed wrong on my bestie`s smoothie.
They gave her the <em>strawberry banana smoothie</em>, which tastes like baby food to us.
We both agreed that my caramel frappe tasted more like syrup than anything.
Artificial Flavors to the fullest.

I think they should save the smoothies & frappes to McDonald`s. I only like Burger King for their salad & onion rings & icee anyway. Not gonna buy any smoothie or frappe from them ever again.

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