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2 years ago

How many of you guys or gals order a huge bucket of popcorn when you go to the theatre??? I do and I get a refill right before I leave too. But I haven`t gone to the theatre in years since too being so busy and now I just prefer to watch movies on my TV. But I do have cravings for popcorn. To fix my craving I would normally get those microwaveable popcorns but I haven`t bought those in years either after reading about the chemicals in their packaging. But after watching a youtube video on how to make homemade popcorn, I wanted to try it too. First of all, it`s fun and most importantly it`s fresh and safe from those chemicals. I remembered seeing Costco selling those huge gallon size popcorn kernals but unfortunately when I went to buy some I couldn`t find it and I heard that they have stopped selling it due to a price increase. But luckily I found that walmart sells them and I bought the Orville one for $4.98 for a jar of 2 lbs and 12oz. That`s almost 3 pounds. Along wit it I wanted to try this ranch seasoning from Kernels. They were sold out of it the last time I had wanted to get some so I guess this flavor is very popular.
So to pop the popcorn, I just followed the instructions on the back of the Orville popcorn container. It said to place 3 Tbs of oil in a pot along with 1/2 cup of kernels. Then turn on the heat to med and wait to hear it start popping. Then you should remove the pot from the heat once the popping starts to slow down. After the popcorn finished popping I placed it into a big bowl and sprinkled some ranch seasoning in it and mixed it around so that it coats the popcorns evenly. What I ended up with is some tasty ranch flavored popcorn. I didn`t add any butter since I was trying to cut calories. But still tasty enough. My kids even loved it and had asked for more. Oh, the seasoning was $1.98. Next time I think I will try adding some salt and pepper and see how that taste. I love that now I can make fresh popcorn anytime I crave some and it`s healthier than the microwave popcorn cause no chemicals and you could adjust the amount of salt thus allowing you to control the calories. You can also omit the salt or seasoning and it still tastes great. Trust me, I couldn`t help myself from tasting a few kernels before adding the seasoning and it was still tasty.
How many of you prefer this method of having popcorn? Or do you sill prefer the microwave ones?

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