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4 years ago

It`s Spring Break for me right now so I am so glad I can finally be more active like I promised! I`ve been holding on so many posts that it seems like there will be gazillions of blog posts I need to post up. Sorry to my Luuux friends as well that I haven`t been able to read or comment on your posts! I will definitely do it now since I have the extra time. I can`t believe that the school year is almost over in 2 more months! This school year has been so hectic for me that of course my luuux blogging is put to the side. Back to topic now here is my Luuux blog spam (yes, I mean the food. ;P)

I`ve been eatting salads so much at school that I don`t bother to buy packages of salad to eat at home for myself. However, on a recent CostCo trip we took a stop at the veggie aisle so of course I took that opportunity up. We purchased just the plain packages of fresh lettuce. I threw in some baby carrots inside my salad snack as well, because salad alone is a little dull to me. I added some ranch on top and it became my fresh veggie snack! It definitely was able to keep me full until lunch time came by! I wished we had some frozen corn bits, because I often add corn into my school salads and they always taste so delicious! Either way I really enjoyed eatting this little salad snack!

<Strong> Do you like eatting salads? What do you add on top of your salads? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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