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5 years ago

Saturday night, mama wanted a coconut! We had done our grocery shopping earlier in the day and I bought a coconut for myself. My husband doesn`t like them and neither does my son (very much), so I was going in alone on this one. LOL! My husband and son were busy play wrestling so I decided to go ahead and take a whack at the coconut.

I dug out a screw driver and a hammer from my husband`s tool box. I cleaned them down and got started. I used the screw driver to puncture two of the three "eyes" and turned it upside down into a small glass to let the milk drain out of it. I, personally, enjoy the milk of the coconut. A LOT! This one was awesome... some seem more watered down than others and the taste is very faint and mild. This one was very flavorful and sweet. It was one of the best I had had in a long while.

Once the milk had drained out I set the coconut down and used the more pointed end of the hammer and whacked around the engraved line they pre-placed around the coconut. It makes for easier opening. It really didn`t take a lot of force to get it open.

Here is where I ran into problems. It wasn`t very easy to peel the "meat" away from the shell... it just didn`t want to separate. I had to take a knife and kind of pry under the layer to get it to pull away. It sure was some effort to get a little bit of coconut. To make it easier to get to each chunk, though, I busted up each half into a few more pieces. It was easier to work with smaller chunks rather than two honkin` big halves.

All in all, though, this one was a fantastic coconut and now I`m wanting to buy another one.


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