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Hey luuuxers! (Whoever`s left anyway.... ) yeah im disappointed too.. I didn`t even get to buy anything yet cuz I wanted to save up... guess that was my bad. I`m not COMPLETELY abandoning Luuux, but I`ll be on a lot lot less. ANYWAY, let`s get to the point: Has anyone ever heard of this website,

Apparently, many have gotten a lot of stuff from that website and that it`s `legit`? Well... do you think it is?
They get paid by the companies that you have to do offers on. The way it works is that you gotta sign up, then do an offer, and do however many referrals it takes for you to get whatever item you want. It`s not very easy cuz of the referrals but apparently the $$ coming from the offers is given partly to the website, and partly for your gift. Now it seems so tempting but I feel like I still need more people to tell me whether it`s a scam or not. I also got a video from youtube about a guy talking about this site.
NEED YOUR INPUT! Does anyone use this website? It requires you to give your credit card information to the offer thingies though, so that`s the only thing I`m kinda uncertain about ... I personally don`t have one, and it makes me even more nervous to think that I`d have to ask my parents to borrow one... O____O

for the picture, i typed up freebiejeebies on google images. (to see real source, view link below)

If NO ONE has ever heard of this, I`d love it if you took a look at it for yourself and tell me what you think ^^ THANKS!

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