FreebieJeebies: Does it work?

3 years ago

So there have been many websites thus far that claim to give you free stuff and easy money for no work at all. LUUUX is one of those sites that work, but you definitely have to work for a considerable reward. FreebieJeebies has proven to be another one of those rare websites that happen to be fantastic.
This is basically how FreebieJeebies works: You sign up and complete an offer. Then you give your friends and family a referral code so that they can sign up. When you get a certain amount of referrals, you get to chose your prize.
Now you may be asking: Why do they give away brand new products for free? Well, after extensive research I`ve learned that the company earns $16 for every offer completed. This means that when you get referrals, those $16 that the other person earned when completing an offer goes towards paying for your gift. To me this is a reasonable system which has helped me get the laptop on which I am writing this on right now.
How to complete an offer: Now most of their offers require money, but I have completed the one offer required without paying a single cent. What you do is you chose the "Microsoft Azure" offer, and you complete the offer for the free trial. Then you delete your free trial and you are charged exactly $0.00. After you have completed this, you are ready to stat earning referrals.
I honestly think this is the absolute best way to save money, and I recommend it to anybody who cares. If your even remotely interested, sign up using this referral link, and help me out :).
Oh. And I forgot the best part: This website allows you to order practically anything your heart desires through custom orders.

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