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4 years ago

these samples arrived in the mail today and i`m so pleasantly surprised! normally these samples come in those pesky little packets and i try to make them last twice, but they`re pretty hard to store. these arrived in little one ounce bottles that i can even travel with in the future.

i signed up to get these a while back on walmart`s website. i wasn`t expecting these but i`m so glad i got these bottles instead of packets.

i`ve been signing up for a bunch of these samples for shampoo and conditioner and stuff lately because during my last few weeks of college, i realized i was not gonna make it to my last day without having to buy another bottle of shampoo T_T i was hoping i would be able to just trash all my bottles and have just a little less stuff to take home with me but NO, i literally ran out a week beforehand. WHAT A BUST! i could`ve bought the little travel sizes at walgreens/target/etc. but those aren`t really worth it when i can get a whole big bottle for another dollar, you know?

anywho... i`m excited about my samples and can`t wait to use them. the shampoo & conditioner i received are the split remedy kind and claims to reduce up to 80% of split ends after 3 uses. i`ll definitely get 3 uses out of this so i`m gonna see how this works for me and do a review! i`ve never used tresemme shampoo/conditioner before, only their hairspray, so i`m excited to try it :)

aren`t samples exciting??!!

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