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4 years ago

I don`t know about you guys but I find it really annoying when I have to pack to go somewhere and I have to either lug bigger containers than I want with me of products I don`t need much of, or buy smaller containers because I can`t actually take the full-size with me. I used to just figure something out until I realized I was throwing away free travel containers all the time!

If you`re like me, you throw away most of the bottles/jars when you finish your beauty and bath products. While for some containers it makes sense, others are perfectly made to be reused! For instance all of the stickers on B&BW products come off very easily! This means that you can wash and reuse them for various things! I actually re-use all of my candle jars and fill them with my q-tips, cotton pads, lipsticks, I use them for so much!

The kind of jar I have in the image above would be great for taking some extra nail polish remover, or some eye makeup remover, or many other liquid products that you only need a small amount of for a 4-6 day vacation! I don`t always use my empty bottles/jars right away, so I have a box full of them to use when I need to. After all, I already spent the money on it!

<em>Do you reuse any of your makeup/bath empties? If so, what do you use them for?</em>

I hope you guys found this tip useful and are going to try it! Happy Luuuxing!

<strong>All images and opinions are my own.</strong>

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