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5 years ago

This is the Panda Express two entree meal. I got a small drink and a fortune cookie with this meal. Normally all of this would cost about $8, but I had a VIP Guest Card, so I got the meal and drink for free!

I got half fried rice and half chow mein. I think their fried is a little dry and I`m just not used to how much thinner the rice grains are compared the rice I prepare at home. I think the chow mein noodles are alright, but they only taste good when hot, so if you order the noodles be sure to eat them quickly!

For the two-entrees, I got the Orange Chicken and KungPao Chicken. The Orange Chicken is what Panda Express is famous for, I think it tastes alright. The flavor is sweet and tangy. My only complaint is that it would be crispier. The Kung Pao Chicken I actually really like, and it would make me want to go back to Panda Express just to get it. The sauce is savory and the chicken is tender and juicy. They`ve added chili peppers, so there`s that added spice. However, my favorite part about the Kung Pao Chicken is the zucchini. I don`t like zucchini in general, but I just love the way they prepare it. Definitely give the Kung Pao Chicken a try if you`re ever at Panda Express.

I still wouldn`t consider Panda Express authentic Chinese cuisine, but it`s not as awful as I thought. I probably would never spend my own money there, since I have access to VIP cards. I think the food is a little pricey for what they give you because you could get a lot more food and a lot better food at a real Chinese restaurant.

<strong>Do you ever eat at Panda Express? What are your favorites?


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