Free OldNavy fip flops!

heyy luuuxers! I did some more shopping yesterday! lol. I really wanted to stop by Old Navy because they were having their annual $1 flip flops and thats when I usually stock up. I also had a $5 off a purchase from the Snap Appy that I wanted to use. I ended up getting 3 for me and 2 for members in my family (which is why they arent all pictured!) I went late and my store only had brown, brown/purple, white, black, or gray to choose from. That was fine with me since I already have some bright colored flip flops so i chose 2 gray and one brown/ purple. Since i purchased 5, my total was $5 and I used my Snap Appy for $5 off (the line was SO long so i didnt want to spend more time to look around) which means I got them for free!!
But i was actually pretty annoyed at my ON store. I dont have internet access on my phone so I use my ipod touch to get these Snap Appy deals. I dont really see a problem with this method since I spent my time snapping the logos from my computer so its not like I`m cheating. Since I dont have internet access at the stores, I just take a picture of the code and it saves as a photo onto my ipod touch. I`ve always done this from the begining and show them this and they just type it in. This time they had to call the manager over because they had to "verify all of the Snap Appy codes" so Okay, thats fine with me. The manager then takes my ipod and punches in the code and tries to hit redeem. She says "hitting redeem isnt working" so she starts using her fingers to slide through my ipod! And by doing this she is actually looking through my pictures! because when she finally gave me back my ipod I saw that she was on another photo. I mean I thought that they arent suppose to really scroll through your electronics because if they do they are liable for damages if they drop/ break the device. I`ve never had them hit redeem on any of my Snap appys so this was weird for me. She could have just gave it back to me instead of scrolling through my stuff.... It`s not like I`m going back to re use the coupon. Oh well.

*all photos are mine*

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