Free L`Occitane En Provence Hand Creams with Marie Claire Magazine

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Hey guys, first of all, im really sorry for the bad lighting in the photos; it was already staring to get dark and i couldnt be bothered to get up to switch the light on so i just used my iphone with flash. Also, you might be able to see a few random hairs on my carpet, even though i did hoover this morning, please ignore that. So im a huge sucker for really good freebies in magazines, as you may or may not know from my posts here on Luuux. So when i was in Tesco, i noticed that Marie Claire magazine were giving free <strong>L`Occitane En Provence Hand Creams.</strong>

There were 4 altogether to collect and are all limited edition. Each one is worth £8 according to the front of the magazine cover. I know that this is an expensive brand, not overly expensive but expensive so i always take advantage of these freebies.

Marie Claire magazine have a regular size magazine and a travel magazine and as the regular sized one didnt have one of the hand creams, i had to get one smaller one. I got 3 of the different hand creams and didnt get the fourth one as i already have that one (the original one). The 3 that i got are:-

<strong>Mango Flower (orange one)
Date Bouquet (brown one)
Rose Petals (pink one)</strong>

With the regular size magazine, you also got a free Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner which i thought was great - two freebies in one, so i have two of those. I cant wait to try this as i have just recently coloured my hair. They both come in a 100ml tube and the Hand Creams are 30ml each. Cant wait to try all these freebies!!

<strong>Have any of you tried these hand creams or conditioner?
If you have, what do you think of them?
Please share your thoughts with me =)</strong>

<em>Thanks for reading and the comments xo
Follow me for updates xo</em>

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