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4 years ago

For those who wear glasses, don`t you just hate coughing up over $200 for just a simple pair of glasses? Not to mention, buying extra pairs as spares; to keep in your car, in case your other one breaks, for traveling, etc. I have spent over $600 last year just on glasses alone! Crazy, no? And the sad part, they don`t even last that long. At least for me. So, I decided to switch to contact lenses. But I have been wanting to buy an extra pair just in case something happens to my contacts. You never know...

So, when I found out about from a few lovely luuuxers that was having this offer, I was VERY curious. Apparently, they are giving away a pair of free glasses for new customers. And since the reviews for the site here on luuux were glowing, I decided to check it out.

You do have to pay for shipping though, so there`s the catch. The shipping for these glasses cost around $9.90 each. I should add that I used my sister`s account to purchase the another pair for free. She was interested in the deal but since she doesn`t wear glasses and the deal doesn`t work on sunglasses, she decided to let me take advantage of the deal using her account. Thanks sis! :)

It took a week for my glasses to arrive. Not bad at all. I ordered two pairs; one has more of that hipster vibe with the thick black frames and the other one is more professional-looking, perfect for work. I have to say the qualities of these glasses are amazing! Even the hard cases they came with are pretty great. They even included a set of cleaning cloth (note: my glasses that I purchased from Lens Crafters for $300+ did not come with a cleaning cloth) and a mini screwdriver, which is always nice to have.

I have to say I`m one happy customer! :)

I know the pictures are quite blurry and I do apologize for that. But I will do two separate posts on each glasses and go more in depth. If anyone is curious, the brand I got was Derek Cardigan (for the hipster, thick black glasses) in color Rootbeer and Lucky Brand (the more professional one) in color Olive Green.

Overall, I`m very happy with my purchases! Although I have to warn you, make sure you have your prescription handy. I didn`t have mine and I was going off my contact prescription and it definitely messed up a few things. I might have to get one of them fixed but it`s not a biggie. I don`t need to wear them right away.

Rating of website: 5/5
Rating of glasses: 5/5

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