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4 years ago

And the shift to high-definition television is finally happening, with networks airing 4,800 hours this year, including Lost and ER (on cable, much of ESPN is already HD, as is HBO). Many flat-screens have HDTV as standard, so youll get a better as well as bigger picture.

If you decide to buy a flat-screen TV, the main choice youll face is, plasma or LCD? Aficionados debate the two technologies endlessly. All you need to know is that unless you play video games constantly, plasma is the way to go. LCDs have a slightly clearer picture, but plasma is cheaper and bigger (up to 70 inches, as opposed to 50). Dont be scared off by stories of image burn on plasmas (which happens when the pixels inside the TV get hot enough to scorch an image thats been displayed for several hourssay, Super Mario or CNNs tickerpermanently onto the screen). You can easily avoid this with a screen saver (built in on some models)or by just turning the damn TV off occasionally.

Unless you have a dedicated home theater, stick to the 42-to-55-inch range. Get an HDTV tuner built in so you dont have to buy an extra box. Same goes for a surround-sound decoder, which lets you hook up the TV to multiple speakers. Forget a space-hogging stand. Get a multidirectional wall mount instead.

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