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4 years ago

Lately, I`ve been seeing a few luuuxers haul free clothing from <strong>Old Navy</strong> using the app <strong>SnapAppy</strong>. I`ve had this app for a few weeks now but was never really lucky with what I received. Plus, I haven`t been consistent with snapping and when I do receive a coupon it expires before I even get a chance to go. -___-

What is <strong>SnapAppy</strong>? It is an app by old navy where you can shop, see styles from other old navy shoppers, as well as snap the Old Navy logo for surprises. Most of the surprises are meh in my opinion. They are usually definitions of made up words about fashion but the best part of snapping is that you sometimes receive coupons.
>> The coupons I have received so far is $15 off of $75, $5 off of $25, Spend $5, and spend $10.
>> My favorite are the Spend $__ because you do not need to make a minimum purchase and you do not have to worry about taxes if you are under the amount you need to spend plus it does not exclude clearance items. Sadly these coupons rarely show up for me. I`ve received spend $5 three times and spend $10 once.

In my haul, I did two different transactions because I received a spend $5 and a spend $10. I had no idea what I wanted to buy initially. I was hoping to find some nice items in the clearance section but all the clothing items were something I would not wear at all.

While I was browsing around, I noticed there were a few sports bras on sale. I`m trying to be more active at the moment and was planning to buy some more sports bras at Academy anyways. The sports bras were on sale for $4.99 originally $16.90 eek. I would have just picked up three but sadly there was only one my size.

After picking up the sports bra, I started to walk back and forth the store trying to figure out what I wanted to get that was up to $10. In the end, I made a safe choice and purchased a striped v-neck tee. The display said it was a vintage style and that it won`t shrink much in the wash. The v-neck I purchased is white with faded blue stripes. The shirt is really soft and comfortable.

<strong>Have you downloaded the SnapAppy app yet? Do you shop in old navy?</strong>

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