Free Brush Set Offer, But Lack of Response From Luuux

3 years ago

I`ve been waiting to write this post as I wanted to give Luuux a few chances before I expressed my feelings for this lack of response.

As you all know, when Luuux implemented some changes to its website, some users were offered a gift of either Luuux$ or a brush set for their continued use of their website for the last two years. I was one of those people that were offered such gift. At the time, not really knowing how I felt about such changes, I opted for the brush set as I figured, there probably won`t be any actual chance of me earning enough Luuux$ to redeem anything from the shop due to the inflation.

I responded promptly to the Luuux staff member that had contact me, as there was a deadline to respond to the offer. This was all in late January/early February. The last email I received from the Luuux staff was asking me for my address to know where to ship the brushes. After a month, I had not heard anything else from the staff member so I emailed them to follow up since I never received anything in the mail, nor did I get any follow up email from the staff member. That was in March. Now a month later, I never got a response, so I opted to contact the general Luuux customer service, where I was conveniently redirected to their new zendesk help forum. As you can see from the picture, I have sent in my last follow up almost a week later. I check the zendesk website to check on my request, and almost two weesk later, it is still labeled, "awaiting assignment to a support agent." I work in customer service, I completely understand getting swamped and not being able to answer with in 24 business hours. However, almost a week later and my request has yet to be "assigned to a support agent" is completely unacceptable.

I was wondering if anyone else that was offered the brush set, and opted for the brush set, has not yet received it as well.

Also, has anyone else experience slow response from Luuux?

(Picture is my own)

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