Francesca Eastwood gets Death threats for destroying Hermes Berkins bag!

4 years ago

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I am not sure if you watch Mrs. Eastwood and Company starring the legendary Clint Eastwood`s wife Dina, his daughters Morgan and Francesca, Dina`s brother and her band Overtone.

On one of the episodes, Clint`s daughter Francesca and her famous photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields do a really cool photoshoot. He wanted to show how silly it is that people would pay so much money for a handbag that is not any different than a regular.

It is ridiculous how people would waste money on those things etc. and he planned to do a shoot where they destroy the bag as a strong statement.

I actually agreed with his vision and thought the shoot was great!

But I`m shocked to find out that people have been sending death threats to Francesca on her facebook and twitter pages over this shoot!

First of all it was not even her bag and it was her bf`s concept so it seems weird that people would bash her about wasting money etc.

The Hermes Berkins bag is worth an estimated $100,000 dollars and there is a waiting list to get one. It is a red and made of crocodile skin. I am against cruelty to animals and I would never wear an animal so this is a no-no for me.

DO you think it unfair that people lashed out at Francesca?
Do you like the concept of the shoot?

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