Foundationproblems with dry skin!

5 years ago

ok, so just as a background info kind of thing, i have very dry skin and i have occasional breakouts. i am in my early 20s so i guess it`s kind of norma? 0.0 lol but i`d really appreciate it if they just VANISHED..but since they`re not..i`ve been going through serious h*ll to find the perfect foundation for my skin.

here is a breakdown of what i went through, so if you are similar to me, maybe this will help in deciding what is right for you. i hope it actually DOES help, at least a little.. please let me know if it did! lol
what i HAVE:
dry skin
dry/flaky patches on my cheeks
slightly acne prone
fair skin
acne scars

what i was looking for:
a non drying foundation
good to great coverage
didn`t care about long lasting

i found that it`s really hard to combine moisturizing and great coverage together. bc great coverage means more product and less water. less water means no moisture. see the dilemma here? so i opted to get Neutrogena healthy skin and it worked ok. I`m still in the process of getting used to it, so i will repost about that one later.
the one i used in the past is below, the Revlon foundation. it has great coverage, and i really liked it during the summer time, bc it kind of....absorbs?! some of the oil/sweat from the face. at the same time it doesn`t drain off of the face.

i`m currently on the lookout for tinted moisturizers or bb creams, so please let me know if you have any suggestions, or questions of what i mentioned:)


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