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Hello loves! Today I am showing you my foundation, contour and highlight routine as well as how I fill in my eyebrows :) I pretty much always skip these steps in my tutorials, so I figured why not make a video about it! Since these routines are things that I don`t talk about too much, especially since I don`t try out a lot of new products and I kind of use what I already have for months and months, I guess it could be interesting to show you how I get from zombie face to somewhat `flawless` (others said it!) skin/face :) Enjoy x

If you are interested in seeing what are the steps I do all the time before I go out or film a tutorial, you can watch the YouTube video below or keep on reading for all the details :)

Lately I`ve been moisturizing my undereye area a little bit before applying my makeup. I noticed that it makes a huge difference - my concealer doesn`t crease/get into my fine lines as much as before and kind of goes on more smooth.

Speaking of concealer, at the moment I apply it before foundation because the one I got is quite a bit darker... so doing it first makes it easier to blend afterwards and look less obvious. I just apply that around my eyes and lately I`ve been enjoying using an angled Kabuki brush to blend it out. I`ve been using my fingers pretty much ever since, but for the past month or so I feel like this brush gives such a beautiful and natural finish.

Now foundation... I use foundation when I go out or film, but I use a BB cream when I go to work (not really supposed to be wearing much makeup lol). If I want a fuller coverage, I would use the BB cream first and then foundation on top - which is kind of what I did in the video. I take some of it on the back of my hand, apply it in dots all over my face and then I`d use either a flat top or an angled kabuki brush to blend them into my skin. No particular preference, just what I put my hands on first :).

This next step is something I only do when filming (on a daily basis I am too lazy, unless I would go clubbing or something): using a light/fair concealer to highlight my face a little bit. I am using this one by Makeup Revolution because I find that it brightens quite a bit, but it does nothing on my very dark circles - gotta use it up somehow, right :)? So I apply that on my cheekbones, a little bit on my chin & forehead, bridge of my nose, cupid`s bow and sometimes if I feel like it also under the hollows of my cheeks (a.k.a. under the area which I contour, to make it stand out even more).

To set my face I use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I use a tapered kabuki brush to set the area around my eyes and nose, because I find that it is easier to apply product around there with this type of brush. Then I`d just use a regular fluffy kabuki brush on the rest of my face (and neck!).

At this point I`d either finish my face or do my eyebrows.. no particular order, just whatever I am feeling. When I was filming the YouTube video I moved on to contouring and all that good stuff, so I guess I`ll talk about that first.

I love contouring and bronzing (yes, can you tell by now that I am not too much into looking `natural`?) so sometimes I go more heavy handedly than other times. In order to give my face some shape I take a cool-toned brownish contour powder (or even eyeshadow) and apply that on the hollows of my cheeks, around my temples/forehead and also on my jawline. Contouring my nose used to be something I only did when filming, but lately I`ve been doing that on a daily basis too - just make sure you have a veeery light hand, as it might seem too obvious sometimes!! Sometimes if I remember I`d also contour under my bottom lip and above my cupid`s bow - I don`t think I heard anyone contour there before, but it`s just a step I like to take... of course I am kind of failing at English at such an early hour in the morning, so I won`t even try to explain why, lol.

Next I use a fluffy face brush and I apply bronzer pretty much all over my face. I am more into bronzers than blush, so once again I do go quite heavy handedly (but careful at the same time, as I don`t want to look like I just got a sunburn haha).

Sometimes I apply blush other times I skip it... depending on how I`m feeling. My blush collection ain`t that big (my makeup collection ain`t that big for that matter) and I feel like the ones I have don`t make the world of a difference. So blush is like a bit of whatever for me. However when I do feel like applying some, it`s usually a soft pink color :)

As far as highlighting goes, it usually depends on my mood or what I am doing - I`d either go more natural or more glowy looking, according to what I have planned :). However the areas I apply it on are the same all the time (and the same as where I applied that concealer to brighten up my face): cheekbones and cupid`s bow quite generously, then a little bit on my chin and forehead and only the tiniest little bit that`s left on my brush I will then apply on the bridge of my nose. My nose is the awkward area of my face, and sometimes too much product or trying too much to make it stand out doesn`t end up pretty.

And lastly, eyebrows! Not sure if this part is my least or most favorite because I screwed them up more times than I can count... luckily filling them in saves me haha! Since they are so bad, I find that using an eyebrow pencil and then eyeshadow/eyebrow powder on top works best. So I go in with my P.S. Love... brow pencil and then I mix a gray & brown eyeshadow, brush/comb them a little bit and I am good to go :D.

And that`s my foundation, contour and eyebrow routine! :) I hope you found this somewhat helpful!

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Products used:

Bobbi Brown brushes

Kabuki Brushes - Ebay

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer - Light

Rimmel Stay Matte BB Cream - Light

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation - 100 Ivory

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder - 001 Transparent

Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix concealer - 001 Fairest

Makeup Revolution Go! Palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Blush and Contour Palette - Golden Sugar

P.S. Love... Eyebrow Pencil - brown

Lancome S palette

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