Found the Perfect Camera For Me---Canon G1X!

My SONY Cybershot TX9 gave up on me after almost one year during a fashion show(Glorietta VIBE) when it accidentally slipped from my hand. I was holding a cup of coffee plus my phone and forgot to strap it on. It can still take pictures but there`s nothing on the LCD screen anymore.

If you`ve been watching me on YouTube, you know I make makeup tutorials with that small camera. And now it`s time to find a new one. I thought about this a lot and I was debating whether I should get myself a GoPro HERO 3 or a Canon 60D. GoPro because I recently wanted to be great at either skateboarding,longboarding or surfing and this mini HD camera would be perfect for taking photos & videos for that. I also like the fact that it has an excellent fps feature so the video can be slowed down and still get every detail that happened in a second. I`ve always wanted to get that slow-mo effect---ala James Bond. It`s affordable for a superb HD camera as well!

Next, Canon 60D because I seriously want a DSLR just for myself. We have a Canon 40D already at home but it doesn`t take videos, sadly. This one has a flip out screen which is helpful for my makeup tutorials too. I would no longer need a mirror to see the screen on the back of the camera. Yay! Also because, I can shoot in manual mode and get that blurred effect on the background and be a bit more creative which I don`t see doing with the GoPro HD camera.

BUT! Just a while ago, I was browsing for the Canon G-series when I read this review about the Canon Powershot G1 X or simply Canon G1X. This camera is somewhat a cross between the G-series and the Canon DSLRs. It has the same retro feel like the other point and shoot G cameras but shoots like a mid-entry DSLR. They say it was invented as an emergency cam for those photographers who already has a pro cam like the Canon 5D Mark III and etc.

I fell in love with this camera right away! I just knew it was created by Canon for me. LOL. One reason why I`m skeptical to buy the 60D is because DSLRs are bulky. I have a big sammydress fur bag which I use everyday and I cant afford to stuff the 60D inside, a small camera like Go Pro is okay but DSLR everyday? Not. I want a camera that I can bring with me all the time.

What also made me want to buy this asap is the fact that it has a 3" screen which I can flip to look at myself when I film makeup tutorials. You dont know how hard it was for me to shoot before with a regular point and shoot cam with a regular screen.

It can take photos with its 14.3MP CMOS sensor that is almost the same lens used with the Canon EOS DSLRs. It also has the latest Digic 5 image processor, enabling it to shoot full 1080p HD videos at 24fps which I think is so powerful for a mini camera. Retails for around $799 back then but I`m so happy it`s for sale now at only P22,000+. I also think it`s cool because it has a hotshoe. I can buy a separate flash and shoot in studios.

This is the camera that fits everything I need! I`m very excited to shoot better videos! Do you think I should really get this camera? Or should I invest on the Canon 60D or GoPro instead?

Ana Victorino :)

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