FOTW- Stir Fried Beef and Sweet Pea

4 years ago

I wanted to share with you what I have been eatting the entire week since I have been to busy to actual blog as much. My uncle spotted some beef on sale at the supermarket so he wanted to take advantage of that deal and made us a meal with the beef. He added some sweet peas into the dish just to make it a little "healthier". We just ate this simply with white rice and soy sauce depending on your liking. It was already stir fried with soy sauce, but you can still add more if you like the taste of that.

I really think it was a simple yet delicious dish. I love the fact that the beef wasn`t bland, because you all know that isn`t delicious. The sweet peas were soft and easy to chew and was not undercooked *although some eat it raw, but now I`m hearing that it may be posionous*.

Overall, my meal was really delicious, and I defintely want to learn more recipes myself so I can cook more of my own meals :) Thank you for reading my blog!

What do you think of my meal? Do you like eatting sweet peas? Comment down below :)
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