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5 years ago

Sup! Haven`t posted for a couple of weeks because I`ve just started up a new personal blog. A lot of it contains just the usual ramblings and random thoughts but I`ll be re-posting the more interesting content here on luuux. So today I blogged about this look.

For Christmas I got a Dior eyeshadow palette in 708 amber design and I haven`t used it once so I thought i`d test it out and do a makeup look together with my new Natural Collection Moisture Rich lipstick in Cranberry.

I wanted to make my eyes look more Asian and more almond shaped. I don`t know if it really worked, (if anything I look less asian?!) and it just looks like a regular smokey eye :/. ANYWAY, I wasn`t actually going anywhere looking like this, I was just home alone, a bit bored, and felt like experimenting with my new makeups. I don`t know if I`d wear it out, because the lip color is quite dark I`d wear it with lighter eye makeup. Also I`m wearing the new maybelline airfoam foundation in these pictures and I`ve read a lot of online reviews saying that the coverage is too light?! I didn`t even apply extra concealer anywhere and my skin tone is really uneven so I have to say that this foundation is definitely more medium coverage and I really like it!

Hope you enjoyed the look and feel free to check out the new blog if you`d like :)

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