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Lately the weather`s been warming up slightly but it`s still really cold! My love all winter has been angora sweaters. They are super warm and soft. At first I was turned off by the fact that it was rabbit hair, but after research the angora rabbit and the methods used to harvest it, I can rest easy. The angora rabbit is long hair rabbit. They harvest the fur from when they trim its long hair and the cut off hairs get created into soft awesome sweaters. If anyone`s a fan of the Japanese brand Rose Bullet, their "angola" line is made of angora.

The pink, over sized sweater I`m wearing in the photo was from H&M. While angora sweaters can be quite pricey, this one was a steal at $20. It`s only 70% angora wool, but I`m not complaining. I`ve seen 100% angora sell for at least $100 which I`m not about to shell out for lounge and comfy wear lol. The H&M one is extremely soft and comfy to wear. The minor issue with angora is that it sheds, the hairs are shorter compared to a long man made fiber or spun cotton. It`s not too bad though.

As for my makeup during winter, I try to keep it minimal. Today I was only wearing BB cream, lip balm, eyebrow pencil, liquid liner and mascara. I don`t like putting much on my cheeks in winter because my skin gets so dry. Not sure if everyone experiences this but the more I put on my face, the more dry and cracked it gets T_T. That`s why only moisturizer and bb cream in winter!

What do you guys think?

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