Foster the People new video, quotHoudiniquot

You can have the best job in the world, be a millionaire, a rock star. Who knows, a person like any other. Nobody is free from prison, the chains and a circuit of situations that you control one way or another.

In "Houdini" teaser released a few days ago, I could not tell what would happen after seeing the scaffold with the spotlight falling on the Foster the People. It would be an analogy to the pressure of success and fame? Well, maybe yes.

Soon after the accident, concerned solely and exclusively in continuing the project, the producers arrange a Machiavellian knack finish recording, in the style "A Very Crazy Dead" - 1989 movie stamped on the Afternoon Session.

The fact is that the song itself expresses a desire to total release, almost all common mortals. Now, the fourth clip from the band`s debut album is a humorous contrast between the pseudo maximum in the music (bands puppets) and the desire to make their own decisions, to lead their own way.

It turns out that the video goes deep philosophical question in a very specific and tries to expose a bond of kinship with the history of any other person. And can. After all, are we even disposable, replaceable?

"Houdini", directed by the duo The Daniels, is brave and original speaking implicitly of a hierarchy and a rotten industry fakes canned.

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