Forever21 Nose Pore Strips. Yes, they do work! With pictures.

5 years ago

Images are my own.

Sorry for the disgusting pics everyone. I was asked to do a review, and it shouldn`t be done without the pictures as it would just be hearsay.

Yesterday I did a Forever21 haul. In that haul I had picked up their nose pore strips. Well honestly, I didn`t even see them. my mom picked them up and showed me. I figured for $3.80, its worth a shot. The box comes with 6 strips. It is made with tea tree extract ( it really does smell like tea, not in a bad way). And is paraben free. Meaning it does not have chemicals preservatives. Making it safer for use.

Last night I decided to put it to use. Now it says nose strips, but I know I have black heads on my chin, so I went ahead and used one there too. Which is why you see 2 in the pictures. I did as directed. I thoroughly washed and scrubbed my face. Next I wet my nose and chin area, and applied the strips. It states to leave it on for 15 minutes. I did 20 as I was on Luuux commenting away.

After the 20 minutes was up I was ready to remove them. Now I`m not going to lie. Removing them for some may be a little bit painful as it has stuck and dried against your skin. I have never experienced that, but my husband hates it for that reason. After I removed it, I checked out the strips. Lo and behold! They do work! As you can see, they pulled out a lot of black heads. It did as promised and unclogged many, many pores.

After testing these, I will continue to use them. I`ve used Biore and Ponds. These however are more economical and do the same job. Not only that, but they are safer, and smell great. I also want to note that I don`t know if Forever21 makes these strips for chin, and cheeks. But the nose ones can be used. The formula is exactly the same. The only difference is the shape.

Overall I give this product a 10/10!

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