Forever 21 Nail Polish Review and Collection :)

5 years ago

I have been noticing that I have collected quite a few Forever 21 nail polishes. I guess it happens when every time I go in there I always get suckered into their display o f nail polish right by the cash register!

They are so sneaky.

Here are the 10 Forever 21 nail polishes that I own, they are the brand Love & Beauty. I will list all of the colors and my opinion and review of each one below!

(From Left to Right on the top row)

<strong>- Muave :</strong> This color is so great, It is close to a nude color but has great rosy undertones in it. It is pretty opaque and I usually put two coats to get my desired look.

<strong>- Black :</strong> This is no simple black polish, it is black sparkles! I love it, it really adds an edgy look to any manicure. I prefer to wear it over another polish like I did in the second picture above. It is layered over the "natural" color polish I will list later.

<strong>- Bronze :</strong> This color I wore in the Fall a lot. It is a metallic color that is perfect to wear when the leaves are turning and the air is crisp. It is a very simple and lovely polish. I found that it chipped quickly though :(

<strong>- Natural :</strong> I am wearing this color on my nails now and I love it. I was on a search for the perfect nude polish, and this is it! It is so simple and took two coats to achieve the look in the picture above, I absolutely love it!

<strong>- Red :</strong> I was raving about how much I loved the color of this nail polish during the holiday. It is a true fire engine red that becomes opaques with two coats, this one also tends to chip unfortunately.

(Left to Right, Bottom Row)

<strong>- Olive :</strong> This polish is pretty sheer and metallic. I wanted to love this one, but I really didn`t. I found it hard to get it to become opaque and it just did not look good on my nails :(

<strong>- Silver :</strong> This is a simple metallic silver polish that is easy to make opaque with two coats. It is defiantly one of my favorite metallic nail polishes and it goes on smooth and does not chip too quickly.

<strong>- Rust :</strong> This one is so great! This polish is a bunch of chunky copper colored glitter and I love layering it over the bronze polish for a super shimmery and flashy look. I defiantly wore this a ton during the Fall as well. If you see this one, I would recommend you pick it up!

<strong>- White :</strong> I got this white polish simply because I did not have a white nail polish. It is pretty opaque but does need a few coats to achieve that look. I like it, but its not something I will wear all the time. There are defiantly better white polishes out there.

<strong>- Periwinkle :</strong> I do not like this polish. It is sheer and just not a good look on my nails. I will not recommend this for anyone, just not a good polish :/

Overall I do like the nail polishes at Forever 21. They are only 2.80 and they always have a ton of colors too choose from. As you can see from my reviews on them some are better than others, but overall I am happy with most of my collection.

Do you have any nail polish from Forever 21?

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