Forever 21 Mini Online Haul + Polishes

4 years ago

It`s Spring Break for me right now so I am so glad I can finally be more active like I promised! I`ve been holding on so many posts that it seems like there will be gazillions of blog posts I need to post up. Sorry to my Luuux friends as well that I haven`t been able to read or comment on your posts! I will definitely do it now since I have the extra time. I can`t believe that the school year is almost over in 2 more months! This school year has been so hectic for me that of course my luuux blogging is put to the side. Back to topic now here is my Luuux blog spam (yes, I mean the food. ;P)

I made this order specifically for the mint skirt! I`ve been on the hunt for one for the longest time, but often many of the skirts would either not fit me well or a really off mint shade that did not look to flattering on me. When I saw that this was originally 14.80 sold for 12$ it sold the deal for me so of course I `had` to get it! I also alone with that picked up some really cute black lace bows for my little cousin since these were only 1.80 I thought it was not so shabby for something so little and cute! I also purchased a polka dot mirror since my mirror purse broke a while back. Funny thing is I misplaced it somewhere on the day I purchased it so now it`s pratically missing! :( My aunt also gave me two nail polishes to add to my collection! She gave me OPI`s Rainbow Connection and a polish by Essie that one of her friend`s gave her. I`m not sure the name of the polish since the sticker on the bottle is worn out so the name is hard to read. It`s just a dark black shade so nothing to special. That`s all for my little Forever 21 and polish haul!
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