Forever 21 Jewelry Haul!

4 years ago

So today I went to Forever 21 and as always went to their jewelry section in search of bracelets and earrings/studs! But this time, I bought some things that I never thought I would buy from Forever 21! For today, I ended up getting a necklace and three sets of rings!

<strong>Butterfly Layered Necklace:</strong>
So this was on sale for $3.99 CDN (originally $7.80 CDN) and it kind of just caught my eye for some reason! I don`t own any layered necklaces because I find them a little weird to wear, but I decided I might as well give it a try! So there are three different length chained necklaces and on each necklace, there are these butterfly pendants.

<strong>Antique Silver Stack Rings:</strong>
So here was the first set of rings I got, these were $4.80 CDN for 4 rings! There are a good variety of thickness of rings, there is a feather-like ring, a simply bumpy ring, a heart shaped ring and a simple band with diamonds. I really like this set, they all complement each other very well! Check it out here:;Category=acc_rings_pins&amp;ProductID=1015035054&amp;VariantID=

<strong>Gunmetal Stack Rings:</strong>
Here is the second set of rings, these were $5.80 CDN for 5 rings. There are two bands that have an arrow design (I ended up giving away one to my sis since I didn`t need two), a swirled band, a band with diamonds and then a spikey band (which I`m thinking about how to wear because its kinda hard to wear it LOL). Check it out here:;Category=acc_rings_pins&amp;ProductID=1030186524&amp;VariantID=

<strong>Black and White Enamel Stack Rings:</strong>
Here is the final and third set of rings, these were $6.80 CDN for 4 rings! These were the first to catch my eyes and honestly, I love these soo much! So it took me so long to find a good set because the first set I picked up, it was missing a crystal and then the second set I picked up was missing like was like a mission trust me! But in the end, I did find a set where there were no missing crystals..YEAA! So this set comes with two bands that are half black and half white and then in the middle there is gold color, a band with white enamel on one half and then crystal on the top and lastly a band with black enamel on one half and then crystal on the top. Check it out here:;Category=acc_rings_pins&amp;ProductID=1017306950&amp;VariantID=

So here are all the things I got from Forever 21! Now a word of caution. This is my second time buying rings from Forever 21 and their sizing is a little different! When you try to try on their rings in store, keep in mind that there is something between your finger and the rings, its that black band that keeps the rings together and onto the price tag. So if you try the ring in store and it fits like perfect, chances are you are one size smaller. So for example, if I`m trying on rings in Forever 21 and my fingers fit perfectly into a size 8, that means I`m a size 7. Apart from that, any rings with small crystals on them, when you go home, take out your trusty clear nailpolish and dose it up on your crystals, like coat it like you would your nail! This will prevent them from falling off quicker!

What do you think? Do you like these rings and necklaces?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)

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