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3 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

I wanted to share my recent Forever 21 Haul with you guys! I had visited my local store, but they didn`t have a few of the items I had been spying on their website, so I decided to place an online order.

I like online retailers that have easy return policies - since you are ordering online, you don`t always know if the product will live up to your expectations. F21 has a fairly decent policy. You would have to pay for return shipping if you are sending items back or you can take the item to the store for store credit or exchange. I would probably go with the second option. I don`t like having to pay to get my money back!

We all know that Forever 21 doesn`t exactly have the highest quality clothing - I like to think of it as disposable clothing: you wear it a few times and by then the trend usually passes and the item is pretty much falling apart anyways! But they do have some really cute items that you don`t feel bad spending money on since you know you will wear them and they are inexpensive.

The item that really caught my eye was this pair of black leggings with a gold baroque pattern all along the sides. It`s really cool. I was expecting a foil-y iron on pattern, but it`s actually this strange sort of iron on beaded thing instead. They are textured so I hope they don`t peel off! Unfortunately with F21 leggings, they can also be really sheer and this pair falls into that category. You can totally see my undies if I bend over! I only wear leggings with tops that will cover my backside anyways, so I haven`t decided if I will return these just yet.

I also bought another pair of leggings. These are black with mesh diamond cutouts along the sides. These leggings are amazing! If I was a contortionist that bent in all different ways, you still wouldn`t be able to see through the leggings (except of course at the mesh parts!). They are nice and thick - I love em!

I also bought this cool top. It`s a relaxed tunic tee with a royal blue sheer panel along the bottom. This may be something I can wear with the gold patterned leggings to see if they cover my butt! Lol.

I also bought some regular burgundy leggings. These are pretty standard. Not the best quality but they are pretty good to have for fall, and at under 6 bucks, you can`t lose!

Speaking of fall, I decided to grab a sweater. Most of my sweaters are hoodies and not appropriate for work and such. I noticed this v neck sweater in a royal blue and thought it would be great to layer for work.

I also grabbed a basic navy cami - again, I figure I can use it to layer for some extra warmth as the weather gets cooler.

I also took a look at their clearance section, and noticed some denim shorts on sale. I noticed a cool studded pair and decided to try them. They are actually super comfy and I know I will make good use of them next summer!

The last few items I noticed were all in the jewelry section and we`re only 1.80 each! I grabbed two of the same earring set: one in white and one in a sea foam green. They have little faux pearl earrings and these cute flower earrings. I actually have 2 dresses (one white, and one a similar sea foam green) that I plan on wearing these with.
I also grabbed 2 rings - both in gold to wear together. I noticed this `ampersand` aka `& sign` ring first and though it isn`t meant to be, I thought it would look great as a midi ring. I have bigger fingers anyways (I wear a size 9) so I just ordered the ring in a 7. I picked up this chain ring as well, and they look super cute together.

So while I like most of the stuff I got, I may have to go return some for store credit. Not a bad haul!

What do you guys think of my items?

P.S. Sorry my camera has been acting weird lately and isn`t taking clear pictures - it`s easier to use pictures from the forever 21 website as opposed to my dark blurry ones that don`t really show anything! Lol

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