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4 years ago

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I actually bought these things in 3 trips haha. I usually don`t like going into Forever 21 because that store is just a hot mess in my town. Nothing is organized, clothes is everywhere and the workers don`t know anything when I ask them for help. They actually give me the most ridiculous excuses "Uhm.. this is my first time working in a couple of weeks.. sorry." Okay? So you can`t ask around or something? Nooppee! So as you can tell, I try to stay away and only shop online. But when my friends and I go to the mall, they always want to go into this store so I just walk around and browse. I actually found some things I liked in those 3 trips.

The first picture is just a mint colored jumper with a distressed ish gold foil heart. I absolutely LOVE mint and was in need of a casual sweater that I could throw on whenever I was lazy and had class. This sweater is ridiculously soft!! LOL. It`s very lightweight and I like the gold with mint. It works well! I`ve also seen this sweater in other color combinations at F21, they have this at Old Navy and there`s a different version of it at Target. J Crew also sells something similar. Guess it`s a trend or something? lol. I bought this sweater LONG BEFORE the others came out though.. haha.

The next photo is all over gold sequin shorts. Okay, you may be thinking this is strange and how would you even wear this. Wouldn`t it be too flashy or too dressy for every day wear? That could be true, but tumblr has so many photos of it that I`ve become inspired. And to be honest, I took this photo with flash. The sequins are NOT flashy whatsoever and it can easily be worn as a casual outfit. Please keep a look out for my next article which will be on how to wear sequin shorts! It`s going to be very simple though hahah. These aren`t hot shorts or booty shorts or anything! At least not on me because I don`t have long legs haha.

The next photo is of high waisted shorts from the Heritage line. I honestly can`t believe F21 even sold this for the price they were selling it for because these are some of the best short materials I`ve seen. It`s thick and not cheap at all! It doesn`t look cheap either! You know how American Apparel has those high waisted pants that are very "in" and popular at the moment? These shorts kind of remind me of them! I`m in looovee with them and can`t wait to do OOTD`s with them!

Lastly, my secret obsession, is a black denim jacket. You don`t even want to know how many denim jackets I have.. I have an off white one, an acid washed, dark denim and light denim. Of course I had to add black! This goes with EVERY outfit and I like the fit because I can wear a hoodie under it!

Thanks for reading! Do you like any of these things? PLEASE DO NOT JUST COMMENT "CUTE" BECAUSE I WILL REPORT YOU AS SPAM! (I have a good memory and know which members comment the same thing on every single one of my posts.) Those are the most ANNOYING comments that I get on every post of mine even if it has NO RELATION to the post whatsoever. UH, RUDE.

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