Forever 21 hates kneecaps?!

5 years ago

For some reason, forever 21 found it necessary to photoshop the models knee caps and made them pretty much non-existent. So unless this is some new surgical craze Forever 21 is trying to cause - I do not understand the "no kneecap" Photoshop abuse. It`s bad enough we live in a day and age where we are constantly worried about our appearances. What exactly is this clothing store trying to prove by making it out like having knees is some-how unattractive? I`m not sure why anyone would want to erase the evidence that we have joints mid-leg, but the resulting Barbie-like images are just plain awkward LOL

<em><strong>Jennifer Wright of The Gloss defends Forever 21:</strong></em>
<em>"To be fair, kneecaps are pretty gross. All bumpy. With their...bones. You know who look better? People who have no discernible bones protruding of any kind. So, the people that exist in Forever 21`s fevered, photoshop happy imagination. And also your crate of Barbie dolls, who taught you that being pretty means not being able to bend your legs like a human being (also, not having nipples)."</em>

I loooove shopping at forever 21, it`s probably even my favourite store but i got to admit this is pretty ridiculous.

<strong>What`s your thought on this?
Is it better if everyone has `barbie` kneecaps?</strong>

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