Forever 21 Cosmetics, Worth It?

3 years ago

I am not the most frequent shopper at Forever 21 but when I do shop there I casually pick up a shirt or two, possibly some lip products, but always, and I repeat always pick up a hand full of their false lashes. I have found that their lipsticks are pretty pigmented and hydrating but don`t they wear well and don`t have to most appealing scent. Their eye shadows aren`t too pigmented and that also goes for their blushes and bronzer. Something to consider are their brushes. They are soft and great to have as backup brushes. Now, back to their lashes. There are two types of lashes sold. The dollar ones and the 3 dollar ones. If you`re looking to wear a pair of lashes for a day then disposing of them, go for the dollar ones. However if you`re looking to preserve the lashes and re-wear then go for the 3 dollar one or the 3 pack of lashes for 5 dollars. I find that these lashes can last me months and months, and I wear falsies everyday(natural ones of course) and they always look brand new. One drawback to the product is the glue that it comes with, it is pure garbage and has a terrifying oder. I find what`s best about the lashes is they are made of plastic and easier to keep looking new. So my suggestions for you would be if you want to just expand your makeup collection which I tend to do then go and spend a little money on their makeup. However if you want great quality makeup for a low cost, stick to drug stores. Thanks for reading and please consider my thoughts. Also let me clarify that I`m talking about their regular line cosmetics, not their premium one.

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