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4 years ago

So today I gave Forever 21 a visit because my sister was in there looking for a bracelet she had seen online. Usually I`m a sucker for Forever 21 earrings, studs in particular because my ears never react to them and they always have such great designs! But I was in no need of earrings anymore, so I took a look around the jewelry section while my sister was in line, and long behold, I found a bracelet!
The bracelets at Forever 21 never catch my eye for some reason and most often, I`m slow to catch onto trends (ie: the trend of stacking bracelets). But I have been on the Forever 21 website recently and some of the bracelets have caught my eye but I never am able to find them in store. So onto what I picked up!
The bracelet that I picked up looks like a bangle, but its actually a stretchy bracelet. It fits perfectly on my wrist, but when my sister wears it, its a tad too big for her. The thing that really pulled me into the bracelet was the colors it had. Its a mix of mint greens, peaches, pinks and gold! This is definitely a good bracelet to use for stacking because it`s not too chunky. Now the `jewels` on this bracelet as just stuck on with glue I presume, and that originally turned me off the bracelet as well simply because I have a bad history of losing jewels on jewelry, especially when they are just stuck on. But I decided that I would just purchase it and lather up the clear nailpolish on it to prevent the `jewels` from chipping off!
Now, the price of this bracelet is what made me actually consider purchasing it! If you see on the photo of the price tag, the price is actually scratched out with a blue pen, and in the store, I couldn`t make out the price so I brought it to the cashier to do a price check. When she tried to do a price check using the barcode on the tag, nothing showed up in the computer. She wasn`t about to give this bracelet to me for free so she walked around and found something `similar` to the bracelet and she ended up coming back with a bracelet that was surrounded with jewels. She gave me an ultimatum, I could wait for her to actually search up the price of the bracelet or she would just give it to me for $5.80 CDN. I took the second offer and am I glad I did! When I came home, I checked online and the original price of the bracelet is actually suppose to be $10.80 technically, I saved $5 CDN on this haha!
This is a super pretty bracelet and I`m definitely glad I purchased it. Obviously for $6 something, I`m not expecting an amazing quality bracelet, but hey, it `feels` pretty sturdy!
What do you think? Have you recently purchased any bracelets from Forever 21?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)

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