Forever 21 accesories haul

5 years ago

I went to forever 21 with bracelets in my mind. I wanted to get myself more accesories to expand my collection. I`ve been really getting into stacking random bracelets to amp up causal outfits. Since I`ve been buying less make up, I want to collect something else. LOL I have hoarding issues alright? I get it >_<. In total all the accessories costed me $30 which is somewhat ridiculous for just accesories but I`m not a heavy shopper so its ok. It actually took a lot of effort to find myself some pieces I like. Nomally I would just skim my eyes around the accessories and walk away with nothing but I was determined! My boyfriend came to find me too but he was bored to death cuz I took at least 30 minutes. Solution for my hubbie`s boredom? My iphone games :D.

Anyways the pieces are got are a trio of really pretty floral rings. Normally I wouldn`t buy something that looks really fake and plasticy but these look so beautiful! It comes with a white flower with white "stones" and a "gem" in the middle, a light pink sakura and a rose pink flower with a "pearl" in the middle. This costed $5.80 and it also comes in a yellow color but my boyfriend said the pink one is prettier. I actually got a size too big but when I wear them all together, it doesn`t slip or anything which is a good thing. I really want to get a smaller size but I remember that accessories are final sale so I will have to make due with what I have. These rings are not the stretchy ones which i like since I think the stretchy ones look super cheap even though its one size fits all.

The second items I got are these dainty leather strap bracelts that has a inspiring message. The one with the elephant is a gold tone with the message "Hope" and the other one is sliver with the message "wish" and a wish bone. These are really cute and goes with everything but its too big >_<. I will have to find a way to make them shorter since i have tiny wrists. Each of these are only $4.80 which I think is a steal! Such my style.

I got a bead bracelet which is actually super cheap! This one has a little bit of weight to it and doesn`t look cheap at all even though it is only $3.80. Its a black bead bracelet with side cuts and when it hits the light, it shines like gasoline. Theres green and purple and a little bit of blue tones and it goes with everything too! It which give anything a sparkle without being too out there.

The last item that I got is actually my most favorite. It might not look much but its five strings of light weight metal rectangle bead things and they are all tied together with a retractable one size fit all closing. This one was $7.80 and i love love love it! Its so interesting but simple at the same time. Anyways, thats all for now.

*All pictures are mine*

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