Ford Sync. Why every car should have it. Especially your next one.

5 years ago

Ford Sync by Microsoft. It has saved my life. Made my life easier. Made trips more fun. Driving with Sync in my car, is like being in something out of the future.

Sync isn`t just for wireless phone calls. You can wirelessly listen to the audio on your bluetooth devices. Suddenly that movie on your iPhone gets intense when you are surrounded by all of the speakers in your car! The passengers in your car don`t have to wait to share that youtube video.

You may think your doing fine driving and talking on the phone, but you really are distracted. I have two cars. One with sync and the other barely has a CD player. When I get a call through sync I just tap the answer button on my steering wheel and continue driving. I don`t have to search for a phone that may have fallen between my seats or down to the floor while I am zooming at 100 MPH. Calling someone is just as easy. Hit the sync button and say "Call John Doe". Done. No glancing back and forth between my phone and the road while hoping that the person in front of me doesn`t break while I try to find Johns number.

One of my favorite things is the security I feel with 911 assist. If i get into an accident my car will try to call 911 with any bluetooth devices that are in my car that it has paired with. That means if me and my fiance get into an accident while in my car and my phone breaks it will try to use the other phone in the car.

Talking while driving probably shouldn`t happen at all, but if it must, this is the way to go. Especially if you trying to pick the car for your newly licensed teen, this might be what keeps them from texting and driving. Its easier, safer, more convenient and fun! Best part is some Sync systems cost only $500 upgrade on your car. A small price to pay for the luxury and convenience. Compared to most upgrades on your car, I have to say this is the one that is worth it!
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