Ford makes our life on the Internet

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers, Let`s face it, there is something more annoying than having to log into various sites to sit at a computer? Well to solve this problem, Ford (yes, the car manufacturer) has launched a system that connects to Facebook, Google and Twitter where we approach the computer and consequently making off to walk away from it. Running through the Bluetooth connection between your Mac and iPhone, when (and if) the official back up and running, the user simply download the application called Keyfree and make the necessary settings. The idea however has some disadvantages such as high power consumption when this type of connection is enabled and possible security breaches, but before anyone asks why the hell a company in the car business has ventured through this area, it is important to say that the way the program was found by them, or better, by Ogilvy Paris to promote NFC technology used in the keys of the company`s cars and it basically works by unlocking the doors so we approached them with the key. However, the concept could be harnessed and perfected by other companies and as biometrics has not become popular as a way to guarantee us access to sites, use our cell phones could be a great (and natural) option, is not it?

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