Ford introduces inflatable seat belts in the European market

Ford expects to innovate in the European market with its latest passenger restraint system, seat belt inflatable.

The belts are designed thinking of the rear passengers, particularly children and the elderly because they are more vulnerable to side effects of current use of belts. According to the American construction company and in the words of Joerg Doering, engineer of the core belt, this system combines the advantage of a conventional airbag belt. In a statement revealed during the month of junho`12, Ford Motor Company said that after extensive research using a "family" of dolls testing, inflatable seat belts were more effective in protecting occupants from injury in the chest, neck and head .

The operation is theoretically very simple and safe: so that the sensors are sensing the accident trigger a compressed gas that activates the airbag in 40 milliseconds. In everyday use the inflatable belts are not very different from the normal belt, including being compatible with the baby seats.

The technology is already available in the model of the Ford Explorer in the U.S. since 2011, and according to studies in addition to being a popular accessory in the model, are more comfortable because they are cushioned. The filling gas is by the first amendment to the seat belt since it was introduced in the market the three belt restraints in 1955. Ford promises the new system will debut in Europe at the launch of the next Ford Mondeo, which should happen in 2013.

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