For Macs: Keyboard Shortcuts

5 years ago

For all the Mac users out there, have you ever wondered what are the shortcuts for the different commands? Well, when I first started using my Macbook, I was always wondering, but was always too lazy to figure them out! However, I did end up looking it up, which became very handy. So, if you`re too lazy to look it up, or if you`re confused about it, read on!

Here are some commands that I find useful and important:
1. How to print screen: shift + command + 3
2. How to print screen a SPECIFIED area: shift + command + 4, which turns your cursor into a cross. You can then surround the area you want to print screen and voila!
(All print screens go on your desktop afterwards.)
3. Shift between applications: command + tab
4. Copy: command + C
5. Paste: command + V
6. Minimize all windows: option + command + M
7. Minimize ONE window: command + M
8. Open new window: command + N

These are the commands that I use most often, if not daily. Hopefully you find these useful! What other commands do YOU use? Or, do you use any commands at all? Did it take you a while to get used to them?

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