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Want to educate yourself more about the food you eat? You can now evacuate the food you buy prior to buying it just by scanning the bar code of the product and then you`ll get a grade indicating if it`s a healthy choice or not. If it isn`t healthy, there will be reasons stating why and you can see alternative healthier choices if you really want that particular food product.

For example:
Crystal Geyser
Grade A and it gives a nice check indicating that the water wasn`t processed much. This drink is safe and good to buy/drink.
Wheat Thins Cracks
Even though the label on the box says "WHEAT THINS" there is a red ! saying it`s not 100% wheat but it`s still in a decent grade "B". False advertisement for those who think the wheat thins are 100% whole grain.
Mom`s Best Oats & Honey Blend
Even though this is grade B-, it says less than 1.5 tsp of sugar (points out the positives)

Overall: This application is awesome, you get a sense of what`s good, what`s bad and some good alternatives. I would highly recommend this free application especially if you`re into dieting or trying to eat more healthy.

Want this application?
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