Foods That Cause Cellulite

4 years ago

The enemies of the skin smoother and old ones are, unfortunately, much loved foods like (sweet, fried potatoes, snacks, juices, carbonated, etc) and these contain sodium, sugars, fats and various additives that cause circulatory and hormonal changes for example.

To know for sure what foods we should expel the list to always see the following topics.

Juices and Water Gas

The carbonated beverages, including juice and even the seemingly "harmless" water gas hinder blood flow, facilitate retention, causing swelling and therefore cellulite It is best to avoid!


Women, especially, can hardly resist a sweet. Since sandwich cookies, ice cream, chewing gum, chocolates, etc.. These items easier - a lot - the formation of cellulite because the sugar, when consumed in excess is stored as fat in adipose tissue, generating inflammation that ultimately facilitate the appearance of cellulite.

The Fat!

And fried foods also high in saturated fats such as chips, burgers and the like are the gateway to the "holes" in the skin, since they generate inflammation and facilitate the accumulation of localized fat, which aggravates the appearance cellulite.

Sodium, the Invisible Enemy!

One of the biggest villains in the formation of cellulite is sodium-rich diet of most people because it is present in processed foods, canned goods, and the fast food. The problem is that it causes fluid retention and consequently form the cellulite!


Coffee when consumed in excess can lead to dehydration of the organism, which impairs blood circulation and therefore promotes cellulite! Should therefore reduce their consumption.

While minimizing the consumption of these foods and investing in healthy food, you can minimize the formation of the famous orange peel.
So invest in a balanced diet, rich in fiber, which detoxify, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



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