Food truck - first time!

4 years ago

i ordered some food from a food truck for the first time. food trucks have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, though i was always quite skeptical about them. i don`t feel like you can get the most incredible meal from a food truck.

my sister had a competition today, and there were a bunch of food trucks outside so i decided to try one out for lunch. i ordered a chipotle chicken sandwich and i was so bad, i even ordered fries! they had a cilantro lime sauce for fries, but they ran out so i ended up going with a garlic one.

the chicken sandwich was good flavor-wise BUT the chicken was so ridiculously dry. there weren`t a lot of veggies inside the sandwich either, so i just felt like all this food got wadded up in my mouth... a little hard to swallow!

the fries were good, but ya know it`s not easy to mess up fries!

my food wasn`t exactly cheap either... i paid around $8. i guess if my meal were a little cheaper, i would be less displeased but i don`t think it was the greatest experience. i`ll continue to be skeptical about food trucks until one really knocks my socks off!

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