Food i regret buying White chocolate eclaires.

Hiya luuuxers;

Okay im not sure what you guys call these cakes but my mum called them chocolate eclaires except they are white chocolate and here in Spain they are called `Petit suisse` which is a french name i guess.

Anyways, a few weeks back i was having some friends round and i wanted to buy us a little snack so i went to my local supermarket. As i went in they had a table full of home made cakes and i must say they ALL looked soo yummy. I had a hard time picking but i thought with these i couldnt go wrong.

I tryed mine and i didnt like it at all. Normal bakery ones are normally filled with custardy cream stuff and the inside of this cake simply tasted like lemon. The out side pastry bit wasnt as yummy as usual either. I payed 2.50euros for this which isnt pricey but i would never ever purchase these again.

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