Food for Sore Throats : Wonton Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork

3 years ago

I have been so sick for the past week. I have no idea how I`ve survived it but somehow I have. The whole last week I had a super bad sore throat. It hurt even when I wasn`t doing anything to irritate it. One thing I found that was helpful while with the sore throat was to eat soup based things. The soup part basically helped the food slide past your throat easily without irritating it.

Now enough about being sick. I had this delicious bowl of wonton noodle soup the other day. Basically it was one of the first meals I ate without being in pain while eating it. Normally I get the wonton soup with roasted duck, but since I wasn`t trying to deal with no bones, BBQ pork it was. It had a decent broth, chewy wontons, a good chewy, not a bad chewy, and the BBQ pork was BBQ pork, nothing special. Can you believe this whole bowl of goodness was only $8. Crazy talk right? If you`re in the Pacifica area, this place is called Tai Wu.

What kinds of food do you guys like to eat when you`re sick?

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