Food for a healthy skin and youthful

Reduce wrinkles, eliminating dryness of the skin, increase the elasticity and reverse lines of time can be achieved only by ingesting the food or right components.

Find out which are the principal:
Salmão.O salmon contains a carotenoid responsible for increasing the elasticity of skin, preventing wrinkles and reducing the existing ones.

Omega3. This fatty acid comes from nuts, liver oil, salmon oil and vegetable oils such as linseed oil. The Omega3 brighten the skin and hair, giving the skin a much younger man.

Eggs, Vegetables, Soybeans, Dry Fruits & Avocado. All these foods contain a vitamin key which causes metabolism process carbohydrates and fat: biotin. The lack of vitamin can lead to dry skin and the hair and nails weak.
Green Tea. Green tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants, helps to eliminate the harmful effects of free radicals caused by oxygen and sunlight.

Tomato. Especially if it is on the form of concentrated tomato paste, eat about 50 grams a day, helps reverse the damaging effects caused by excessive sun exposure and keeps skin healthy and youthful for longer.

Pomegranate. Ingested or applied directly to the skin helping to improve signs of aging, helping the skin to produce more collagen.

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