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The Henry is 11 months and no one doubts their willingness to grow: it weighs 12 pounds, measures almost 80 cm and only fits into clothes two years. It is more or less the same size as his cousin over a year, and who see them sitting not believe that the age difference is so great.

"The Henry was not always so," says her mother, Sofia Ahmed, a teacher. "He was born tiny, with 2.100 kg. The percentile table even considered his weight. Being so small I was very shocked. I started giving her a bottle to a minimum crying and he grew visibly. Now the doctor talks about dieting, but it pains me to give them less food. Rationally, I realize what is happening, but still very afraid to come back to stay small. "

The Henry may be more a case study for the theory of reprogramming, whereby the growth hormones and metabolism are altered to fit through an early stage of development, as life in utero or childhood, that these changes are entered in the body forever. According to this theory, the newborns of low birth weight (less than 2500 grams) tend to be obese, because the lack of available nutrients during pregnancy leads to the fetus reduces its food needs to develop (Sofia Alves account who made a strict diet, not defined by the doctor, because "they wanted to gain weight" and ended up almost not gain weight). When the baby, which was used to save energy and thus is born tiny, is exposed to an external environment of abundance, it ends up eating more than you need and quickly becomes an obese baby.

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