Food as of Yesterday- Lee`s Sandwhich Combination BBQ Pork Baguette

4 years ago

Hey Guys,
I wanted to share with you what I ate as of yesterday. My aunt bought home lots of sandwhiches for us to eat. She gave me BBQ pork. One of my Luuux friend also blogged that she ate this too :) Anywoo, it was bought from Lee`s Sandwhich which is really popular around here for not only their sandwhiches but their coffee`s and snacks in general.

Moving on this was really delicious and I didn`t get to finsh it all because it was a lot for me since I did eat a smaller breakfast meal beforehand so I shared half of my piece with my brother. When you buy this you get a bag of veggies which you add into your sandwhich but since I was in a rush I only showed you the before and not what veggies I added :P

Anyways, it was all delicious but I really am craving their snacks so I will defintely keep you guys updated with their delicious snacks :)

Have you tried this Baguette (sandwhich) before? Do you have a Lee`s Sandwhich near you? What do you think of my meal? Comment down below :)
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