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4 years ago

The Day has Finally Arrived.

After reading the four hour work week four years ago I become determined to make travel and experiences the number one priority in life. I`ve woken up every day this past year asking myself one questions, "are you just existing and calling it life". After a couple of failed attempts to become a millionaire I decided to just suck it up and get out there.

I decided on Thailand for two reasons:

1) The cost of living is so darn cheap that you can live the life a rockstar on an average UK citizens wages out here. This means that I can stay out in Thailand for a long time if I decide to.

2) The sheer beauty and fun of the place is enough inspiration to get off my arse and work really hard at making this a long term thing.


The food here is absolutely amazing. I love thai food already, but the diversity in flavour is much greater when you`re actually out here. I eat at a resturant morning, afternoon and night and it costs me about £2.50 per day in UK equivalent money.

I think I`m going to start up a blog about the food here (just for fun), and document my every restaurant! Rather than just one big plate of food, it seems to come in lots of different smaller portions. I much prefer eating this way and I love coconut milk and lemon grass flavour.


The scenery here is amazing. I cannot begin to describe the simple beauty of the place. Full of small utopian islands, reminds me of the film "The Beach".



I saved and saved and saved. I also tried to set-up two small business and whilst they didn`t earn me a great deal, they were brought off me for 10k.

I have been speaking to a mortgage broker firm back in the UK and they are going to help me to get a mortgage whilst I`m over here.

I have quite a bad credit rating (from the early days of the businesses that I set up). However, I also have a very large deposit available of 25k. According to the broker I spoke to`s website:

"in some Circumstances the right broker will be able to find a mortgage for you with a lender that ignores any problems older than 2 years, so long as your finances have been handled well since. Other lenders don`t use credit scoring, and assess every application on an individual basis, which is often helpful if you cant pass a credit score with mainstream lenders."

They also told me that because I had such a large deposit, the damage to my chances is lessened.

I intend to either get a normal house mortgage or get a buy to let mortgage back in the UK. Hopefully I can then rent it out to people to make a considerable passive income. I`ve been looking into buy to lets and, although you don`t end up with much equity from it over time, the income you can make off your tenants is huge as you only make the minimum payments. My mum is going to help look after the house and deal with tenants and the rest I`ll pass on to a letting agency.

freelance work and blogging...

I love writing as you can probably tell. I`m going to do outsourced work from here as a freelance writer. Whilst you don`t earn a fortune in normal wages, when you`re living in Thailand it will make up a fortune! I`ve worked out that £20 per day is enough to live on. That`s four articles a day!

On top of that I hope to do some web design work and also start a blog of my own based on my interests. Hopefully I can include some adverts in there and make a decent passive income from that.

Finally, I`m also hoping to earn a few freebies from Luuux ;). It almost sounds too good to be true. Has anybody here actually ever received any items from them??? I`m really eager to find out. It seems so legit, but you just never quite know.

Anyway, he moral of the story is just to get out there and live your dreams like Chris Mccandless. Yeah, I have a deposit for a house but I could make enough to live off out here anyway. Think of ways you can sell your services on for a bit of money. If you can earn in pounds but live off of peso`s the world is your oyster!!!

I look forward to my next post on here where hopefully I will have calmed down a bit.

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