Fogo de Chao

4 years ago

I treated my boyfriend to a nice dinner for his birthday :) I initially planned for the Melting Pot, but my sister recommended Fogo de Chao, so I decided to go there instead. Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse where they serve you 15 different kinds of meat on these metal sticks and you get unlimited access to both the meat and salad bar. The salad bar is pretty upscale with smoked salmon and aged Parmesan cheese. I personally didn`t really enjoy the salad bar. Everything else I did.

There`s meat like lamb, sausage, filet migon.. the list goes on. You also get platters of mashed potatoes, these squares dusted with cheese, fried sweet bananas, and bread filled with cheese. The mashed potatoes and bread were my favorite.

Because I`m cheap, I usually order just water.. but my boyfriend begged me to get something other than water, so we both got the Brazilian lemonade that our server recommended. The staff were amazing and sweet, by the way. I am SO glad my boyfriend made me get something other than water... the lemonade was AMAZING. I loved the light light green color and the foam on top. Plus, it even had a lime slice decoration.. cute!

Men come to your table when your coin in flipped to the green side. The red side means "don`t come!" lol. The come with the metal stick with meat on it. They ask you how you like your meat, like medium, rare, or well done. My boyfriend and I like medium well :) My favorite might be the sausages. OH BOY! So good! The skin on it was crispy and the inside was so juicy. My boyfriend loved the lamb. He thought it was amazing..

The bathrooms at Fogo de Chao were gorgeous! Tall ceilings and the tiles on the walls were gorgeous. The mirrors were enormous. They had super super thick towels with their name on it.

I told our server that it was my boyfriend`s birthday when he went to the restroom, and I got to choose dessert :) Desserts there weren`t expensive. They were mostly like $9 each. Our server recommended this leche cake that we both hated when we got it lol. I wanted the turtle cake or something :( oh well. We got it for free lol.

My boyfriend and I love Fogo de Chao. We will definitely be going back!

Dinner- $80 ($40 a person)
Drinks- $10 ($5 a drink with refills)
Dessert- Free! Complimentary for my boyfriend`s birthday :)

Have you ever been? You should go! Everyone loves it there.

-Pictures are mine.

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